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Sample - User Manual for Snapchat

Sample - User Manual for Snapchat This report outlines the initial proposal for the Snapchat user manual. This report should cover some of the broad and basic information that first-time users of the Snapchat application need to know. This report shall also cover the unique stylistic components that the author shall use in his final report- which would be the actual Snapchat user manual. The purpose of this report then is to guide the author in planning and writing what to write, how to write the contents, and where to place them in the actual manual. Needs Assessment The focus of the project would be on the application Snapchat. Snapchat is a social media application that allows users to share videos called snaps. This is, in fact, a new trend in the digital arena because as of the moment it is the process of sharing photos that is most prevalent. What Snapchat is all about, however, is the process of sharing videos. It is important to note, however, that users may also take and share photos, drawings, and texts and then send them to a controlled list of people (i.e. the recipients). Essentially, Snapchat is a messaging tool that has a high level of multimedia sharing capability. Considering all of these features, it can be said that Snapchat is virtually intended to be used (and can actually be used) by everyone; from businessmen to casual and professional photographers and graphic and video artists. Students may also take advantage of the enhanced sharing capability of Snapchat. What is unique with Snapchat, however, is the fact that it enable s the users to specify how long the snaps (i.e. the sent videos and photographs) can be viewed by their recipients and actually stay in the company’s servers- after which the developers of the app claim that it would already be deleted. Additional Research One of the latest features that Snapchat users can enjoy is the Snapchat Lenses. With lenses, users can take snaps using real-time special effects, sounds, and filters. This way, they would not have to edit their snaps. Whenever there are updates, new filters (e.g. rewind, slow-motion, force touch) and effects may get released so it would be best to frequently update the version of Snapchat installed on the smartphone or a tablet computer. Audience Analysis The intended audience for the Snapchat user manual would be all of the potential users of the application. Some of the specific examples include: Business men Professional and casual photographers Professional and casual graphic artists Students and teachers Government agencies, departments, and organizations For-profit and non-profit organizations Researchers The application user manual that will be published shall cater to all the users’ needs. No separate version of the user manual will be released for a particular group or audience. The target audience for the user manual would be those who have basic to intermediate smartphone and internet navigation skills; those who actually own a smart phone or a tablet computer equipped with a decent camera capable of taking pictures and recording videos- because these are the main hardware requirements for an individual to utilize Snapchat. Suggested Table of Contents About the Manual Acknowledgement Table of Contents Glossary Introduction Wiki Section Wiki Contents Basics Intermediates Advanced Using Snapchat How to take a picture How to take a video How to create a text message How to organize a list of recipients How to send texts, pictures, videos How to store your contents Snapchat Terms, Policies, and Conditions How to Install and Uninstall the Application Setting up and Account Troubleshooting Frequently Asked Questions Participating in the Snapchat users’ community and forum Frequently Asked Questions The most basic information about Snapchat shall be placed within a consolidated FAQ section. The purpose of the FAQ section would be to enable the users to get started in using the Snapchat application. This may contain instructions on how to install the application, where the download links may be obtained, and how to set up the application on their device after installation. This can be presented within any section of the user manual. In any case, the most important component would be the content. This section has to be simple and easy to understand. Design Layout The purpose of the Snapchat user manual is to get the users started on how to use the application. The focus of the writing process should then be on the content because it is the most important component that would determine the success of the project. The design process should, however, be not taken for granted. The design and layout should embody the following characteristics: elegance, professionalism, and neatness. The design should be creative but not to the point that it would look untidy and too artistic. After all, this was not intended to be an art project. The design and layout should make it easier for the readers to read and understand all sections of the content; this is where the neatness component should be factored in. The layout should follow the outline of the contents provided earlier where each section should have its own design in order for the readers to understand how each section is independent of each other.

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Women in Vietnam Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Women in Vietnam - Research Paper Example This reason makes historians refer to the war as a cold war. The war took place in Cambodia and involved attacks and raids on rival groups. The rival groups in this case were the Americans and the people of South Vietnam. The war had search and destroy operations that served to show the amount of power that each group had over the other. The United States had its theory on the war as it saw it as a way of preventing the spread of communism to the west, as it preferred using the capitalism policy. The war thus had an important figure to the fighters as each tried supporting their policies. In the war, there were women that served to assist the actual fighters who were mostly men (Gunusky 37). Women were very influential in the development of the war. This is because they were there to offer their support which if lacking, the fighters on each side could not have fought as effectively as they did. The women were the soldier’s wives, sisters and even mothers taken up by the milit ary at that time to act as soldiers of war. They got training for all the missions that were to take place and thus were very skilled out in the field. The women had different roles in the war. There were those who were very talented in the field and had the rare opportunity to serve in the war as actual soldiers along their male counterparts. The women showed unending efforts and desire to help their sides win. For the women that were not strong or rather skilled enough to go out to the field and face the rivals in a live manner, they were delegated different aspects of work according to their intrinsic skills. One of the most identified roles that the women were given was the work of clinical attendants or rather they were given the job description of nurses (Tunner 76). The nurses had the strict and strenuous jobs of assisting wounded soldiers at the time when attacks took place. According to the communities that lived in the Vietnam region, they believed the work of nursing to b e a talent that runs in the family and hence most of the nurses that were taken in had to carry along other family members to assist in their works. Since the nurses were to take their activities to places where the war was directly taking place, they had to training on basic weaponry use in case of attack. Some of the nurses did not completely finish their nursing as they were taken in to a 10-day training camp at Ft. Sam Houston (Caylor 65). With this training, they could be part-time nurses but could also work the grounds in case there was a short of army officers to carry out an ambush due to factors such as death or general incapability. Before the war had become serious, the nurses were given a bulk of injured patients and instructed to cure them within a given time span. This was influential, as it would help them prepare both psychologically and physically for the type of work that they would be doing in the fields. When the war would get harder and the enemy groups getting close, there would be many casualties and thus the need of competence on the side of the nurses to help cure soldiers fast. Upon healing, the soldiers were required back on the field to continue with the war so as not to lender their side shorthanded due to lack of soldiers. The nurses also had basic training of how to use a compass and a radio alert. This was important because not every time could the soldiers manage to bring back the wounded soldiers to the camp base. With the compass and the radio, the soldiers in the field could make radio alerts to the nurses. The radios had different signals through which they had an open line of communication. They would ask for assistance and give the required directives and bearings (Neel 37). The women on the other hand with the

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Jean Piaget Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Jean Piaget - Essay Example noted that all children develop through all these stages with a childs understanding of the world changing as a child moves from one stage to another. In his study, Piaget was able to prove that choices that people make in life are dependent on the developmental stage that a person has reached (Pressley and McCormick, 2007). This is after the psychologist proved that because children and adults think differently, the choices that people make depend on whether an individual is still a child or an adult. Certainly, Piagets theory of human development has significantly influenced the choices I have made in life. I have particularly used Piagets child intelligence and thought process to guide for pursuance of education as the ultimate means of succeeding in life. For instance, I did not take education seriously during my childhood days. To me, everything was normal because I used to think mostly in an abstract manner. In fact, I used to find it difficult going to school since I did not view education as something important in life. Such thought process continued until middle adolescent when I began to learn of the importance of education in the present day society. Piagets findings can explain the sudden change in my thought process. In this case, Piaget demonstrated that, once an individual has reached the formal operational stage, the individuals moral decision-making process is refined (Van Blerkom, 2008). Similarly, I began to realize the importance of education upon reaching at adolescent stage. Nevertheless, as much as I was aware of the importance of education, the fact that I still had childhood thinking prevented me from studying hard. However, as soon as I approached 16 years old, I realized that, for me to succeed in life I have to study hard and obtain good grades. Otherwise, my life will be a misery. My understanding of the importance of studying hard to perform well in class can be explained by Piagets developmental stage theory. In this regard, Piaget

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Cultural Oppression Essay Example for Free

Cultural Oppression Essay Women has come a long way from being the gods of the feminist society, oppression from the paternal Roman Catholic, and the continuous struggle to uplift itself from the discrimination in out society. Therefore it is not correct to say that â€Å"The world has evolved in a huge way, but for the groups that remained oppressed it does not seem like evolution has even touched them. † It seems a very narrow way of putting the struggle of women from centuries of oppression when in fact before World War I there were no women in the military, no women in college, no women in office, and no women in the library. Same goes for the homosexuals. There are already four states that allow same sex marriage in the United States and the world is not so unforgiving 50 years ago when homosexuals where killed. Indeed, homosexuals and women have come a long way and it is rather fitting that we recognize them in their accomplishments in pursuing their common good. I agree with Miss Johnson. This society is so bent on discrimination based on color when in fact African Americans are just as able as Caucasians in getting every job done. As long as there are equal opportunities for both races then there won’t be some dumb Joe lying around. We claim to be the most advanced nation in the world but it seems we still have prehistoric traces of slavery in our society. We still think that just because African Americans came to America as slaves then they are a backward race. What the people of America should remember that the very same slaves built this nation with their bare hands and they wouldn’t be slaves had we not made them that way. It seems that we have a double standard when we talk about freedom and liberty for all Americans. That shouldn’t be so because history has proven that it’s never a war of colors, it’s only a war of interests and power. The author mentioned about the struggling African Americans who are in the upper class. Well, money can’t erase prejudice from people especially the prejudice that is rooted in our history. That’s why the weak should fight for its liberation because nobody will save them from it but themselves. Reference

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Writing Persuasive or Argumentative Essays :: Writing an Essay

In persuasive or argumentative writing, we try to convince others to agree with our facts, share our values, accept our argument and conclusions, and adopt our way of thinking. Elements toward building a good persuasive essay include * establishing facts to support an argument * clarifying relevant values for your audience (perspective) * prioritizing, editing, and/or sequencing the facts and values in importance to build the argument * forming and stating conclusions * "persuading" your audience that your conclusions are based upon the agreed-upon facts and shared values * having the confidence to communicate your "persuasion" in writing Here are some strategies to complete a persuasive writing assignment: Write out the questions in your own words. * Think of the questions posed in the assignment while you are reading and researching. Determine o facts o any sources that will help you determine their reliability (as well as for further reference) o what

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English 100 is a course that is basically designed to assist the students

English 100 is a very important course as far as our college education is concerned. It is the basic foundation for our higher education. It equips us with skills which help us to cope with the challenges which we are bound to encounter as we pursue our college education.English 100 is a course that is basically designed to assist the students to develop critical writing and reading skills. It is a build up for what we learned in the high school only this time we are required to adapt to a college way of thinking.To be a successful student in this crucial course one must do things in the right way. In this paper I will take you through what you should do so that at the end of it all you can come out shining. It is based on my own experience as an English 100 student and also tips taken from the various     experts of this area.One of the biggest asset you have as a student is time, how you mange it will determine your destiny as a student as it will greatly influence your perform ance in this course and your studies in general.It is very important that you take control of your time as a student in this course. You should make a plan on how you are going to utilize your time as far as this course is concerned. You should prioritize the most urgent and important activities giving them ample time so that you can produce quality work which will earn you good grades.You will be given many assignments which will require your input, if you plan your time well late submission of papers will not affect you. Late submission is highly penalized and it is something you can easily avoid through managing your time properly.You should make a time table early enough allocating areas which you feel you are weak more time than the other to get enough time to tackle them. It is also important to allocate some time for interaction with your fellow students so that you can learn from them also. (Lannon, J 11 2006)Class attendance allows the student to have an interactive session with the instructors and the other students. You should make a point of attending the classes regularly to ensure you gain maximally .If by any chance miss any lesson make sure you ask what was covered and go through it before the next session.Through this you ensure that you at no any time   Ã‚  you lag behind in your studies. While in class you should participate actively without fear of making mistakes. It is only through making these mistakes that you will learn to be confident. We all learn from the mistakes we make now and then, just bear in mind nobody is perfect. If your fellow colleagues we perfect surely you would not be seated in the same class with them learning this course, they would be somewhere else.It is also very important that you learn to respect other people opinions; at no time should you laugh at other people mistakes as this can affect your studies negatively.This is a very interactive course where you will learn greatly from the other, that is why you sho uld at all cost try to maintain good relations with your fellow students and also with the instructors. (Lannon, J 18 2006)Instructors are there for us and we should make every effort to utilize them to our advantage. Any difficulties that you may be experiencing should be discussed with your instructor. Always book an appointment with your instructor to avoid disappointment since there are other students who require the same kind of help from them.Group work has helped me a lot in polishing my writing skills as I have been able to get some vital tips from my fellow students. It is also in group work where your work can be read by the other student and get their opinion about it. On the other hand you will have a chance to go through their piece of work and offer advice where necessary.  Always give an honest opinion about your colleagues work but at the same time bearing in mind not to hurt their feelings as this may come to haunt you later.Note taking is an essential part of thi s course; it is advisable that you develop an accurate method of taking notes which can be referred to later when revising. Aim at noting all the important points you come across either in the cause of group discussion or class lectures. (Lannon, J 39 2006)

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Symptoms And Symptoms Of Schizophrenia - 1343 Words

What is Schizophrenia? Experts agree that it is a syndrome (signs and symptoms that are thought to co-occur in ways that distinguish it from other syndromes and from normal thoughts and behaviors). Schizophrenia is also defined as a psychotic disorder with, impairments in reality, disturbances of perception and thought experienced as hallucinations, delusions, hearing voices, seeing things that are not there, and paranoia. Its onset usually starts in a person’s late teens to early twenties, and it affects about one percent of the global population. Its causes are unknown but experts are learning more every day. â€Å"Detailed descriptions of mental disorders such as mania, melancholia, dementia, delirium and hysteria have been†¦show more content†¦It was Eugene Bleuler in 1908 that named the illness Schizophrenia, a splitting apart of the mind. â€Å"The splitting meant that the mind no longer functioned as a whole, with behavior, emotion, and intellect working together. It did not mean that there were multiple personalities† (Freedman 8). Delusions and fantasies dominate over rational thought. Patients are stricken by formal thought disturbances. â€Å"As a consequence delusions, fantasies, wishes, needs, and emotions rather than intentions and logic control thought and action† (Shean 4). Many experience paranoia such as thinking the CIA is doing this to them with radio waves to control their mind, or that aliens are beaming them up from a mother ship. Basically schizophrenics believe they are under surveillance by some unknown being with the abilities of mind control. It is reported that the irrational thoughts dominate their mind and drive them to despair. Schizophrenics hear convincing voices that are actually lying to them. This is why a psychiatrist will say they have delusions. â€Å"During a visit to my office, a young man hesitantly reveals his belief that snakes are living behind the mirror in his college do rmitory room and that they are forcing their thoughts into his head. His terror was hidden in the privacy of his own mind for a year, until his failure in his classes led to a confession to his mother and a referral to me. His